Monday, November 14, 2011

maybe i'll never learn to smile...

my attempt in bold print on print look! floral nude sheer top over bold ethnic print skirt. i just love hoe they blended together. this skirt will be forever my love and i just got it for an affordable price.teehee. aren't those bangled adorable? they are actually a gift from my cousin and i was so happy to receive those :)

no regrets, just love! ♥

powder blue!

been busy again but i know that's not an excuse.haha here's what i wore during one of our shoots, i like that the top is so comfortable and free, i can move as much as i could.. and can you notice the bat wings cut, as i call it. the blue velvet pumps is by Parisian.

no regrets, just love! ♥

Monday, November 7, 2011


Vandale Dela Bajan

Harvey Cenit

James Cañete

Orville Biongcog

Pinky Magalona.

this was the event that i was talking about in my previous post. it's a fashion show for a cause and i was the production head for the event. i would like to thank everyone who supported the event. especially my partner James Cañete (i love you ma) you can check him here for bookings, he do make.up, shoots, and events!

and here are some side shots during the event and after the show! i really had fun and it was worth all the effort and the time that i gave. till more events and productions!

this is what i wore, peach chiffon sheer dress bought in Maze, Ayala... Nude Tip Toe Ankle Strap Heels by Janeo, Satchel bag in mint green by Parisian, Accessories bought in Hong Kong and SM accessories :)

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥

Sunday, November 6, 2011

late updates!!!

like this in here

like this in here
like this in here

i've been very busy these days that i don't have that much time to use the computer :( i will try my best to blog more often. for the mean time here are my looks that i haven't posted here in my blog . hope you will like it.

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥