Monday, October 22, 2012

Primary + Textures

light blue cotton button up, Shopaholic
high waisted floral chiffon shorts, Betty
suede platform heels, Mossimo

Just got nothing on my mind upon editing this set than the primary colors and the different textures in this ensemble. With my comfy cotton button ups, down to my sheer floral high waisted shorts. Brought it to the next level with my leather satchel bag and sported some suede strapped heels, plus the added touch of sophisticated feel from my lace ribbon. I was like woaw, didn't know this could work... but it did turn out well. what do you think? :)

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no regrets, just love! ♥

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall back!

Plum Knit, Bangkok brand
Navy Blue Pleated Skirt, Esprit
Black Suede Ankle Booties, Payless
Wayfarer, Ray-Ban 

Hi there dreamers! I'm back.. been really busy these couple of months that i can barely have time to do some outfit posts. Since I have had a couple of free time last month and currently now, finally had a chance to shoot for you guys.
I know it's now fall season in some parts of the world (how i wish i get to see the leaves change.HAHA) but as for us here it's rainy season... So better kick my comeback with a fall inspired outfit post. :) and ohh lastly, please follow me on Instagram, Itsbabydolllove 

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ethnic jacket

like this look in here

                                                                               ethnic jacket, thrifted
                                                    x-strap faux snake skin heels, dollhouse 

I've been so lazy these days to update my blog maybe because I always go home late after work and maybe because I did spend a lot of time with my friends. First and foremost, I would like to congratulate all the graduates for this school year especially my dear friends from USC CAFA!whoohoo at last guys you made it!!! So since school is over for some of my creative friends it means that this summer would be a lot fun a lot of creative thinking to be done.nyahaha

btw, i will be re-constructing my blog for you guys and i can't wait for it to be done. We're still on the planning aspect so i bet it would still be months from now. :)

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥

Friday, March 2, 2012

Lavender Mint

lavender mini skirt, thrifted
mint green satchel, Parisian Shoes And Bags 
glitter pumps, Forever 21
polka socks, SM Department Store

It's summer already and i can feel the heat burning my skin! I'ts really so hot these days that even the wind outside is not as pleasing as it is. So for this look, I went for cool pastel colors... LAVENDER AND MINT! Been loving mint these days... just can't resists the cooling effect it gives (try to compare it to what a mint gum can do to your mouth?HAHA) cool right?lol.

pictures were taken by my dear friend, Barbeth of She's amazing! We struggle with  few shots because she's new with fashion photography (she's into dark photography) but as what i usually say with people is that 'just let me do the posing and capture it'HAHAHA. I mean i'm not particular with photos, if i look good and the angle is right.. then go! am i vain? i think YES! :) please check Barbeth here :)

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥

Monday, February 27, 2012

Feelin' tipsy!

                                                                                               soft peach basic tee, H&M
                                                                      tribal print shorts, Betty, SM-Department
                                                                                          navy blu belt, SM-Department
                                                                                animal print socks, SM-Department
                                                                          denim wash oxford ankle boots, so!fab
                                                                 mustard travel bag. ParisianShoesAndBags

We had a semi-reunion blowout with my closest college friends and surprisingly, we end up complete for such a long time!!! I've invited some of my girl friends as well to join us to form a big circle that night. There were lots of chikas told but none of them can replace the greatest story ever, our memories. :) pardon me guys for my messy hair for I was feelin' a little bit tipsy that time.nyahahah after having a couple drinks at Figola in I.T Park, we went to Mango Avenue and strolling around we found a good place which i never thought could be so subway-ish. So, i ended my day with an outfit post... with all my artistic friends to the rescue of finding the perfect angle and lighting while I was struggling to keep my composure.HAHA

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NEON Christmas!

 printed neon sheer top and black pants both from Betty (SM-Department-Store)

BACKLOG!!! This is what I wore during our annual Christmas Party with my College batch mates and unfortunately I only got the pictures yesterday. I nearly almost forgot about this event, thanks to my ever supportive friend, Erbie who lent me his camera and while scanning i found these awesome photos!haha

see how I over accessorize my look? maybe cause i just wanna feel the festive vibe that time! or is it just a lame excuse?haha but what ever, I find it good that way! :)

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥

Friday, February 10, 2012

Stop & Stare

i feel like i'm a little girl having a park day with friends!teehee :D

(prepare yourselves for a lot of vain shots! 
can't help it when your photographer is that good!!! shout out to Phil )

Glitter Shoes from Forever21

sheer top from Bangkok, printed skirt thrifted

gold belt from smdeptstore

i told you there would be a lot of vain shots! i was feeling like a little girl posing freely and enjoying the moment.haha as i was scanning the final photos, a song from One Republic suddenly popped out in my mind... and senti mode again.nyahaha

♫♪Stop and stare

I think I'm moving, but I go nowhere
Yeah, I know that everyone gets scared
But I've become what I can't be
Stop and stare
You start to wonder why you're here not there
And you'd give anything to get what's fair
But fair ain't what you really need
Oh, can you see what I see♪♫

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥

Friday, February 3, 2012


feeling kinda 1920's chic with my polka dress and socks!

Peach Polka dress, Betty SM deptstore.. Brown slim Belt, SM deptstore.. 
Lace socks, SM deptstore.. Suedette wedge ankle boots, Forever21

Hey guys, did a fun shoot with my cousin Kurt and he's really amazing. i knew that the photos would be this good! cousin's instinct?HAHA. it's February and it's love month!!! i mean my month! and how i wish i could have my first blog give away but i don't have any idea what and how to. i feel like i still have to learn a lot from this blogging thingy.

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥

"Love is the flower you've got to let grow."

-John Lennon

Sunday, January 29, 2012

BAD teacher!

semi sheer satin lace long sleeves thrifted 

black and white photos are timeless... it adds more drama to the picture.:)

the details of the skirt is just so me! plates and folds!!! lovely right? 
mustard bandage skirt from bangkok

black belt from SM deptstore

oxford hells from Janylin

lace details. :)

    no regrets, just LOVE! ♥

Thursday, January 26, 2012


 x-strap faux snake skin heels from Dollhouse

 red rouge zanzi wedge from Christian Siriano for Payless

maroon mary janes hells from Forever21

70's color block heels from Syrup for People are People

oxford heels from Janylin

leopard print flats from so! fab

as I usually say, "i don't have a boyfriend but i have my shoes to fill in the gaps". i consider all my shoes my lovers. they give me certain happiness just by looking at them, i mean who wouldn't be happy with shoes? these are my recent additions to my lovers! and i congratulate myself for being so hardworking to be able to buy all of these.HAHA :)

no regrets, just love! ♥