Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring march!

floral sheer top, bankok
mullet skirt, bangkok
aztec belt, SMAccessories
color block heels, People are People

Spring has always been my favorite season ever, not that we get to experience it here in the Philippines. In our country where its almost sunny everyday, spring dressing is never out of style. 

So, I decided to pair prints together... see how the pieces go well together? its because they have the same color palette.(this technique is the easiest way to rock print on print) And what is spring without sheers, pastels, florals and prints! so there you go guys.

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥

Friday, March 8, 2013

QUEEN 2012 (Backlog)

sequined dress, Forever 21
black pumps, Forever 21
clutch, Parisian
black and gold bangles, SMAccessories
spike bangles, downtown find

Forgive me for i have sinned, been lazy to upload some outfit posts and as I was scanning my files, I found these and really took the time to post this for you guys. As i recall, was too excited for this event for my friend joined this pageant and for the info of everybody she won as Queen Earth 2012.whoohoo! Felt a lot edgier that time so i decided to wear a sequined dress and paired it with some spikes and golds. And not to forget my shoes, who's screaming sophistication (literally felt love at first sight). 

tadahhh! Queen 2012 title holders and my bad angle. sorry guys.

Queen Earth still managed to look at my lens despite the crowd going

Presenting Queen Earth 2012, Alison Santina (Miss Kazakhstan)

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mint Condition

mint dress, Karimadon
mint blazer, Bangkok
navy slim belt, SM Accessories
glitter shoes, People are People

I was fortunate that Karimadon gave me the opportunity to showcase one of the pieces of their collection, a lace dress, one of the classics that should be in every fashionista’s closet and it's mint. I wanted my look for the day to evoke sophistication and elegance, so I decided to pair the dress with a mint colored blazer and a navy belt to cinch up at the waist area and adds a pop of color thats breaks the monochrome theme. 

What I like about this dress is its versatility, it can give you a hundred looks. It allows your creativity to run wild style-wise. Thank you so much Karimadon and to  Yves Camingue for allowing me to give your piece that Love touch. 

no regrets, just Love! <3