Thursday, January 26, 2012


 x-strap faux snake skin heels from Dollhouse

 red rouge zanzi wedge from Christian Siriano for Payless

maroon mary janes hells from Forever21

70's color block heels from Syrup for People are People

oxford heels from Janylin

leopard print flats from so! fab

as I usually say, "i don't have a boyfriend but i have my shoes to fill in the gaps". i consider all my shoes my lovers. they give me certain happiness just by looking at them, i mean who wouldn't be happy with shoes? these are my recent additions to my lovers! and i congratulate myself for being so hardworking to be able to buy all of these.HAHA :)

no regrets, just love! ♥


  1. Your shoes are gorgeous! Especially the ones from People are People, the colours are perf. x

  2. HUMAYGAAAD. your shoes are TDF, babe!

    perfumed red shoes

  3. i love everything. but special lovin goes to the purple mary janes. i love!

  4. Love the colorblockheels.
    Shoes never break your heart. Haha.

  5. Wow there heels are amazing.
    And I would like to tell you, that I admire what you do and how you live. You have to give a damn shit about what people say, because you are great as you are. Keep it on! Love J.

  6. Amazing shoes! I love the Oxford heels and leopard one! Nice pictures!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  7. oh my i love your PRP and F21 heels!!! gorgeous collection, dear!!!

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  9. I love everything! :)

    *I removed my previous comment because I couldn't edit it, I added me blog's link heeee sorry 'bout that. :)