Sunday, January 8, 2012

70's color block heels for 2012!

70's color block shoes fron soledesire (people are people) lovely right?

my current favorites turquoise beaded bangle, gold owl eyes bangle and  my hat and flowers rings! :)

happy new year guys!i know that i am not consistent with my blog posts and i promise this year that i will try my very best to update more with my blog. here's my first look for 2012, PASTELS!!! my new color block heels are to die for that i couldn't help but to buy it on the first look! i play minimal with my outfit by just wearing a sheer top with plaster skirt (so basic) and then i played my whole look with those lovely accessories. i feel so girly!HAHA

and i would also like to thank my friend Phil ( for the lovely photos! he's so good! 

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥


  1. lovely, lovely colors and shoes. :) hope to read more of you, love. :)

  2. waaa! those shoes are really lovely!! was supposed to buy them c/o my mom!haha but i went with booties instead. i hope naa pa stock sa people are people!:D

  3. my sister (aka chyrel aka hte first one who commented on this post) wanted those pair of shoes from prp! you look great! and i hate phil kay nindot kay siyag mga photos, HAHA!!

  4. i love PrP! they got really nice shoes. this colorblock pair is a winner. :)

    followed you. :)and phil really takes lovely photos.