Thursday, October 27, 2011

Confuse for long and will be Confused FOREVER...

the details to the skit is awesome and its actually thrifted ! i bought this skirt downtown.weee

couldn't  resists wearing those bronze accessories! 
lace, lace and lace.. i just love lace and its baby pink. what more can i ask for? :) lace paired with a floral skirt which i bought downtown is perfect for a casual vintage feel. love that the skirt has this vintage feel about it, it is actually kinda denim like which makes it more comfortable :)

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥


  1. Hello! Didn't you got to USJ-R during highs school? Love your hair by the way :)

    IZZY <3

  2. hi there! yes... USJR batch 2007... are you josenian too? :) :) :)