Friday, October 7, 2011

Springfields are forever!

ohh! those cute scarf is from Yves Saint Laurent .

this floral dress is from Cassie and i had this like years ago and i decided to wear it again.

i love the details of my cuff and the bangles. :)

i had this dress years ago and it bought back so many memories! when i think in my sophomore year in college we had to create a commercial for our major subject and i was the artist in our group. and it's so funny that we couldn't decide which one to make until i slip off during the shoot and i instantly said, why not do a t v ad for a lotion? and tada! we got high grades and our work was featured at our yearly exhibit of our depatment. here's the video guys!haha watch it here :)

no regrets, just LOVE! ♥

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